~Unique hotel where "Western sensitivity" and "Japanese culture" harmonize~
A relaxed appearance away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
with the image of a bamboo forest.
We offer a premium time where you can feel the unique "hospitality".

The starting point of Japanese history and culture "In = Royal"
Hotel building of "Two = Twin" with different concepts,
a spa with an open-air bath overlooking a Japanese garden,
a bedrock bath and a sauna will heal the fatigue of your trip.

About the charm of this hotel
Here are Four attractions to help you enjoy a comfortable hotel life.
Public Bath
About the public bath
We offer a relaxing space where you can relax and stretch your legs.
In addition to the indoor bath, there is an open-air bath, sauna and bedrock bath.
About the sauna
A dry sauna is provided in the public bath.
You can have a good sweat in the sauna.
(Men only)
Bedrock bath
About the bedrock bath
A bedrock bath is provided
in the large public bath.
Relax and heal the fatigue of your trip.
(Women only)

Business hours

From 3:00pm to 1:00am

From 6:00am to 10:00am



Amenities and Facilities

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap,Treatment cleansing oil,
Face & Hand soap,Lotion, Milky Lotion,
Cotton Puff, Cotton swab, Dryer

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap,
Treatment cleansing oil, Face & Hand soap,
Lotion, Milky Lotion,
Cotton Puff, Cotton swab, Dryer

Since March 10,2022

For the children who under the age of 12, need adult accompany.
And children with diapers are not allowed using public bath.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Restaurant "HARMONY"
Focus on oriental ingredients from Kyoto's Obanzai
(traditional home cooking of Kyoto).
A healthy breakfast menu that gives you vitality.
In the evening, we have prepared a night menu where you can enjoy the lingering sensation of leisure while listening to comfortable contemporary BGM.
About breakfast
We have prepared a healthy breakfast menu that gives you vitality such as Soup, Meat dish and Breads from Kyoto's Obanzai
(traditional home cooking of Kyoto).
Drinks include orange juice and milk,
as well as smoothie, soy milk, and detox water.
7: 00am-10: 30am (Last call 10:00am)
| No holiday
About dinner
We have prepared a light meal, an ethnic snack,
various alcohols and sake representing Kyoto.
Enjoy your night in Kyoto at HARMONY as a place to relax before bedtime while enjoying alcohol, or as a place to talk about the events of the day while tasting the chef's specialties.
5: 00pm-10: 30pm (Last call 10:00pm)
| No regular holiday
Simmons original mattress
All rooms are equipped with original Simmons mattresses,
which have a reputation for providing the finest sleep.
We promise the best sleep comfort.
Please greet the refreshing hotel morning.

Smart Double Room


Double room where calm space spreads out.
It is spacious and luxurious for one person, and it is spacious enough for two persons to spend together.
We prepared a simple space to heal the fatigue of your trip.
  • Occupancy / 1to 2 persons
  • Bed size / 140㎝
  • Guest room area / 15㎡
  • Number of beds / 1
  • From JPY 6,050 for 1 person per room / 
    From JPY 10,450 for 2 persons per room



Two beds can be used as a Hollywood twin.
Compared to other rooms, it has the only bed size, and it is a room that can be chosen by a variety of guests, even for a single person, couples and children.
Please spend a comfortable stay in a spacious bed and a spacious space.
  • Occupancy / 2 persons
  • Bed size / 100㎝
  • Guest room area / 18.75㎡
  • Number of beds / 2
  • From JPY 8,250 for 1 person per room / 
    From JPY 12,650 for 2 persons per room

Comfort TATAMI Twin
with Terrace


We prepared a room with a terrace and a terrace where you can enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Western style by putting in tatami so that you can spend a relaxing night in Kyoto.
If you're tired of sitting on the terrace, lying down, and hanging out, read a book or have a comfortable trip to fill your heart.
  • Occupancy / 2 persons
  • Bed size / 120㎝
  • Guest room area / 21.44㎡
  • Number of beds / 2
  • From JPY18,150 per 1person per room / 
    From JPY22,550 for 2persons per room

Luxury Room MIYABI

with open-air bath 41.5㎡

~ Healing space on the top floor ~
Special anniversaries and important days are more luxurious than usual.
Premium type with spacious terrace with garden and cypress / Shigaraki-yaki outside bath.
Tatami is used in a part of the room, so you can feel the fusion of Japanese tradition and modern taste.
  • Occupancy / 2 persons
  • Bed size / 120㎝
  • Guest room area / 41.5㎡
  • Number of beds / 2
  • From JPY41,800 for 1 person per room / 
    From JPY46,200 for 2 persons per room
The hotel is a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station, and very convenient as a base for sightseeing.
Guides you to how to get to the hotel by train, car or airplane.
By train

JR Kyoto station(Shinkansen)

JR Kyoto Station(Conventional line)

Kintetsu Kyoto Station

Municipal Subway Kyoto Station

From Hachijo West Exit after exiting the ticket gate Central Exit

2 minutes on foot

From Hachijo West Exit after exiting the ticket gate West Exit

2 minutes on foot

From Hachijo West Exit after exiting the Kintetsu ticket gate

2 minutes on foot

From Hachijo East Exit

4 minutes on foot

By car (bus)

Meishin Expressway
(Tokyo / Shizuoka area)

Meishin Expressway
(Osaka / Kobe area)

Hanshin Expressway Route 8 Kyoto Line

Sightseeing bus, Express bus

City bus

from Kyoto Higashi IC Exit

About 20 minutes

from Kyoto Minami IC Exit

About 20 minutes

from Kamitoba exit

About 15 minutes

from bus terminal

1 minute walk

From Karasuma Exit Bus Terminal

About 6 minutes on foot

*The hotel does not have its own parking.There is no partner parking, but there is a coin parking nearby.
From the Airport

Osaka International Airport
(Itami Airport)

Kansai International Airport

Airport limousine bus

55 minutes (1 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit bus stop)

Airport limousine bus

105 minutes (1 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit bus stop)

JR Kansai Limited Express "Haruka"

75 minutes

Local Information
The hotel is a 2 minute walk from Kyoto Station,
and very convenient as a base for sightseeing.
Kyoto Tower

About 10 minutes walk from the hotel
Standing like a landmark in the ancient city of Kyoto, Kyoto Tower is a landmark.
It is designed in the image of a lighthouse that illuminates the city of Kyoto without the sea.
You can overlook the city of Kyoto from the observatory.

Kinkakuji Temple

About 30 minutes by car from the hotel
This temple is located at the southern foot of Mt Daimonji.
In 1994, it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site as one of the “Cultural Properties of Ancient Kyoto”.

Yasaka Shrine

About 15 minutes by car from the hotel
Kyoto Yasaka Shrine is a famous tourist spot located in Gion in Higashiyama.
This shrine has a long history and is called "Gion-san".
There are many power spots on the grounds, and it is a must-visit place if you come to Kyoto.

Kiyomizu Temple

About 20 minutes by car from the hotel
Registered as a World Heritage Site based on the "World Heritage Convention" as a "Cultural Property of Ancient Kyoto" in December 1994.
There is a stage-built main hall known as the "Kiyomizu Stage", which is a tourist attraction of cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in autumn.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha

About 8 minutes by train from the hotel
It is said that there are 30,000 nationwide "Inari-san", which is the closest shrine, and its main shrine is Fushimi Inari Taisha.
"Senbon Torii", which is lined with vermilion torii gates, and Mt. Inari behind it is also famous as a treasure trove of power spots not to be missed.


About 60 minutes by car from the hotel
Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto Prefecture is the birthplace of green tea in Japan.
You will find an popular Instagram spots rushed by girls in the town where the sight of tea fields spreads in a quiet town.
The name is an old temple called "Shojuin".
The heart-shaped window "Ime-mado" here is "kawaii "and a hot topic on SNS!

We have listed the inquiries received from customers.
About accommodation
  • What is check in/check out time?

    Check-in is from 3:00pm and check-out is at 11:00am.

  • When do I pay for my room?

    For non-advance payment customers, we require payment at check-in.

  • What is the cancellation fee?

    Reservation via our official website or by phone 20% before 5 days before accommodation, 50% before 2 days, 80% the day before, 100% on the day,
    100% cancellation fee will be charged if you do not contact us or if you do not stay.
    Cancellation of reservations from booking sites other than the official website or travel agents may change.
    Please check the reservation site or travel agency.

About hotel facilities
  • Is there a smoking space?

    If you want to smoke, please use the smoking space on the first floor. (All rooms are non-smoking rooms)

  • Can I use the internet at the hotel?

    We are fully equipped with Internet connection by wireless LAN in rooms, lobby, restaurants, etc.
    * We do not guarantee the use of all customers.
    It may not be available depending on your personal computer settings. Please note.

  • Can I rent a wheelchair?

    Free wheelchairs are available for rent. Please contact us in advance as the number is limited.

About Rooms
  • Is there room service?

    Unfortunately there is no room service.Please note.

  • Is there any room that is accessible
    for disabled people?

    Yes, there is. We have a smart universal room (1 room). (Because the bathroom has a barrier-free structure, it is a unit type with an integrated toilet and bathtub.)

About public bath
  • Is the public bath charged?

    Available for free. (The public bath is exclusively for hotel guests.)
    Available from 3:00pm to 1:00am and 6:00am to 10:00am.

  • Can I use the public bath with the
    in-facility wear and hotel slippers?

    Yes, you can. Please use the clothes in the room and slippers for the room.

About restaurant
  • Tell me about breakfast.

    A buffet-style breakfast is served from 7:00am to 10:30am (Last call 10:00am) at the first floor restaurant "HARMONY".
    The price is JPY 2,530 for adults, and free for children sharing a bed.